The success of the Igazi Foundation depends on the support of organizations and people like you. Make a donation to the Igazi Foundation using one of the methods below.

Our Wish List

View our Wish List to find out what you and/or your company can contribute towards the Igazi Foundation. Should you and/or your company like to do a fundraiser towards our Wish List we would love for you to contact us to prevent any party fundraising in the name of Igazi without our knowledge.

All potential donors who would like to assist in any of areas covered by our Wish List should please contact Lotta on:
c: 073 971 3357

Donations via Electronic Funds Transfer

Should you and/or your company wish to donate funds toward the Igazi Foundation to use towards giving the gift please use the below Bank Details:

The Igazi Foundation Bank Details
Account Name: The Igazi Foundation
Bank: Investec Bank Limited
Branch Number: 580105
Account Number: 10011826409
Type of Account: Cheque

NPO Number: 080-349-NPO
PBO Number: 930034806

In terms of Section 18A, donations made to qualifying Public Benefit Organisations (PBO's) may be deducted from the taxable income of the donating taxpayer. 

Here are some helpful documents to assist you:

Online Credit / Debit Card Donations

The Igazi Foundation has a number of easy online Donation Platforms available to you for your convenience. Please feel free to make an online donation using the platform on your choice.


"GivenGain is a global movement connecting Activists and Causes."

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"Our job is to make giving and raising money for charity simple, social and rewarding."

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Stem Cell | Bone Marrow Donation

Every year thousands of South Africans of all ages and races are diagnosed with diseases such as Leukaemia, Aplastic anaemia or some rare genetic disorders. 75% of these patients are under the age of 25. Their only hope of survival is a blood stem cell transplant from a donor who shares the same tissue type. Without this transplant it would mean certain death. 

It all depends on ordinary people like you, ordinary people who wish to give the amazing gift of life.

You could be that match for someone with leukaemia or other life threatening blood disorders. The chances of finding a match are about 1:100 000 and it could be you! You may well be the only one in the world who can provide that match and save someone’s life.

For more information or to become a Donor please Contact Us 

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