The Igazi Foundation since it's inception in 2010 has been aware that the Eastern Cape is considered by South African haematologists to have a high incidence of blood cancers. This concern motivated the initiation of a multidisciplinary research group, to lead and catalyze dedicated investigational studies. This is why the LIVES project  (Leukemia Incidence: Vital Environmental Studies) was formed.

Their study goals include confirming the suspicion of high incidence of blood cancers in the Eastern Cape and exploring potential contributory factors to human malignancies in the Eastern Cape, with a special emphasis on blood cancers.

Weekly meetings by Lives members are held & information shared. Monetary donations have already been received by others equally as interested, hoping that through LIVES we can identify and implement corrective actions from which all our diverse communities could benefit.

LIVES Objectives

  • Raise awareness regarding the prevalence of haematological malignancies and other blood diseases in the Eastern Cape Province;
  • Enter into partnership studies to determine the incidence of blood diseases in the Eastern Cape.
  • All parties involved to encourage, engage & share skills, information & knowledge that will benefit the incidence study.
  • Attend & interact in meetings, conferences & workshops.
  • To encourage others to participate & be proactive in the search for understanding the possible reasons of high incidences. 
  • To encourage, implement & promote, correct practices if wrongdoing is found

Information Links

For more information on the LIVES Project we invite you to make use of the below links

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did you know?

The Eastern Cape is suspected by Haematologists to have one of the highest incidences of Leukaemia in South Africa.

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