The Aloe Igazi Units

The Aloe Igazi Unit finally became fully functional in late 2013 after 3 years of intense lobbying and advocacy by the Igazi Foundation. We are proud to have been instrumental in making such a facility available for the people of the Eastern Cape, who had long been deprived of this critically needed facility.

 The Foundation thereafter lobbied for the establishment of a Paediatric oncology Unit in the same hospital, for the children  and parents of the Eastern Cape. This was opened in March 2015, meaning that children with cancer no longer had to be sent to Red Cross Hospital in Cape Town for treatment. 

A nurses education centre was opened in the same year, in conjunction with the AICF. Our Nurses have benefited from this facility, being able to now have feedback sessions and educationals that advance haematological care.

The Igazi Foundation continues to nurture it's original facility, helping to maintain and grow it, as a blueprint for other such facilities in other South Africa.