The HDTO (Haematological Treatment and Diagnosis Options) project is a series of symposiums of Continuing Medical Education in the haematological field covering a wide range of topics. It is currently focussed on General Practitioners and Medical Officers. 

These day symposium focus on bringing them up to date with the latest advances in the field. As there are so few haematologists in South Africa, this is critical, as GPs and MOs form the first line of defence in identifying blood diseases and referring them accordingly. Symposiums have already been held in Port Elizabeth in 2013, Cape Town and East London in 2014, Mthatha and Pretoria in 2015, and Queenstown and Durban in 2016. In 2017 symposiums will be held in George and Bloemfontein.  As educationals in these topics are rare, the symposiums are well attended, with feedback benefitting both the expansion of haematological education, and better patient health in South Africa.  To date 680 General Practitioners and Medical Officers have been trained nationwide, many in rural areas. In areas where HDTO have been held, there has been quicker diagnosis and referral reported.

The HDTO symposiums will continue to be expanded throughout South Africa in the coming years. The symposiums are CPD accredited.

did you know?

Approximately 7% - 8% of your body weight is blood and about 75% is water.