Marrow Masakhane

The Marrow Masakhane initiative was borne from the need to increase the number of donors. It particularly appeals to black individuals to bring themselves forward to become bone marrow donors. As it stands, South Africa is in a crisis of which only 5.8% of donors on the bone marrow registry are black. That means of about 68 000 members only about 4000 of those members are black. The reason that this is an issue is because as it stands, the likelihood of an individual getting a match with a donor is relatively low but even more so if the donor is not of the same ethnicity as the recipient. The chances of finding a match with someone of the same race as you is 1 in 100 000 however these statistics are brought down to being even lower with an individual who is not of your race being 1 in 500 000.

For this reason, the Marrow Masakhane initiative was created. The nation is in desperate need of black donors because without more, black individuals suffering from various Leukaemia’s and blood disorders have a very slim chance of finding a matching donor. This initiative is to bring hope to Leukaemia and Blood disorder sufferers and to increase their chance to life.

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