About Igazi



South Africa is a country with a shortage of haematologists, haematological support, advocacy and services. As the only dedicated Haematological Services NGO in Southern Africa, the Igazi Foundation lobbies Government to improve existing haematological services and facilities for patients, their families and health professionals. Established in 2010, the Foundation has become Internationally recognised as a champion of Haematology issues in resource restricted areas. Igazi is a member of the Presidential Health Summit, contributing to the broader struggle for Universal Health in South Africa. The Foundation is a volunteer organisation committed to making haematology an important part of the national health agenda. Major initiatives include the establishment of a Haematological Stem Cell Uit, a Paediatric Haematology Unit, both at Port Elizabeth Provincial Hospital and a national CPD accredited training program. Igazi is a member of the Presidential Health Summit Patient Advocacy Group.

Igazi Foundation's Objectives

  1. Raising awareness regarding the prevalence of haematological malignancies and other blood diseases in South Africa
  2. Advocating on treatment, especially bone marrow transplantation
  3. Providing support for haematologists and the treatment of haematological diseases
  4. Helping maintain/provide for the inpatients and outpatients of new facilities in South Africa where there has previously been none, such as the ALOE IGAZI WARD in Port Elizabeth.
  5. Raising funds from the general public to support all activities
  6. Support haematological ‘outreach’ into rural areas
  7. Liaising with other role-players, national and international, regarding the treatment and support of blood disease sufferers
  8. Provide accommodation and support to patients from rural areas
  9. Encourage more people, especially those of mixed race, to be included on the bone marrow register
  10. Enter into partnership studies to determine the incidence of blood diseases
  11. Support the continued growth of stem cell transplant units nationally

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