Training Course - Overview

Training Course



The Igazi Foundation is a dedicated Haematology NPO whose mandate is to improve and save the lives of those living with blood disorders and cancers in South Africa.

We are pleased to present the Haematology Nurses Training Course (in resource restricted environments) which content has been contributed to by the most experienced and academic haematology nurses in South Africa. This means that the content is local and relevant and of an extremely high standard. As we know, in South Africa there is a great divide between the private & state sector, and therefore we address this dichotomy of haematology nursing in these different environments.

This theoretical, online course is designed for nurses and allied healthcare workers who work in haematology units and wards. In fact, the course is open to anyone who would like to become proficient and gain a greater understanding of Haematology basics.

This course has been edited by a panel of haematologists and is endorsed by the two Haematology Associations in SA: SACHAS (South African Clinical Haematology Society) and SASCeTS (South Africa Stem Cell Transplant Society). The final accreditation is by Prof. Estelle Verburgh, Associate Professor and Specialist Consultant, Clinical Haematology, Department of Medicine, University of Cape Town and Groote Schuur Hospital. Professor Vernon Louw, Chair and Head Division of Clinical Haematology Department of Medicine has recommended this course for all nurses who work with Haematology patients. 

This course has been sponsored by Accord Pharmaceuticals, for which we are extremely grateful.


Accord Healthcare is proud to be working with IGAZI to introduce the first Nurses Haematology Course in South Africa.

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